Discovery of Migraine Genes Could Pave the Way for a Cure

It is estimated that approximately 14% of adults are affected by migraine headaches, characterized by intense pain either at the front or at one side of the head. Migraines can be very debilitating and often cause an oversensitivity to light… ...Read More

Risk Factors for Leg Pain in Runners

With the growing popularity of community-based races, more people are running for fun than ever before. While running is associated with a wealth of health and wellness benefits, some athletes experience overuse injuries while running and training for races. One… ...Read More

Are Stronger Teens At Risk of Back Pain?

Does your performance in high-school gym class predict your likelihood of having pain as an adult? Perhaps not, according to a new study that examined how muscle strength in adolescence affected future musculoskeletal pain. With one in two adults suffering… ...Read More

PTSD Tied to Chronic Whiplash Symptoms

About half of patients who have a whiplash injury end up with persistent long-lasting pain, which often can’t be explained by medical reasoning. Ongoing research has focused on why some people develop chronic symptoms while others do not. A variety… ...Read More

Avatars Help Women Lose Weight

Can virtual “alter egos” help you shed some pounds? Perhaps, according to a new study that found that digital avatars can help women develop positive weight-loss behaviors. In the study, women watched videos of avatars resembling themselves making healthy eating… ...Read More

Chiropractic Adjustments Produce Immediate Results Visible on MRI (Video)

New research helps to explain why chiropractic is so effective for low-back pain. Using MRI scans, researchers were able to document the immediate benefits of chiropractic adjustments. Patients with low-back pain have restricted mobility in the lumbar spine that results… ...Read More

Can’t Get Enough Sunshine? Take Probiotics to Boost Vitamin D

Probiotic supplements could benefit patients with musculoskeletal conditions who are low in vitamin D, since new research says probiotics can increase vitamin D levels by 25%.  Photo by Colin Dunn. Probiotics aren’t just good for your tummy. A new study… ...Read More

Skipping Breakfast Can Cause Insulin Resistance

They say it’s the most important meal of the day, and that just may be true. In a recent study, skipping breakfast was found to temporarily induce insulin resistance in overweight women. Insulin resistance is a diabetes risk factor. It… ...Read More

Acupuncture for Back Pain is Both Accepted and Effective

Acupuncture, with its ancient history of improving wellness in humans, can provide patients suffering from various ailments with relief of pain and symptoms without the use of drugs or other more invasive procedures. Ongoing research about acupuncture and acupressure has… ...Read More

Can Sunshine Stave Off the Flu?

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